Blogging is more like Going to a Gym

You know, when i come up with ideas like the one i mentioned above, it seems absurd but after a few rounds of thinking, it all starts to make sense.

Blogging and Exercising seem really different but you will be glad or may be shocked to know that they are quite similar. I will answer the question of how?


Build Your Blogging Muscles. Start going to the Mental Gym. (Credit)


This is one of those words which you hear a lot from your gym instructor. He advises you to be regular, because regularity will maintain the same level of metabolism and will help you get to your fitness goal (whether it is weight loss, toning, or muscle gain).

Blogging has a lot do with the same word Regularity. One has to be regular with one’s schedule. Daily tasks like writing a post, reading articles or commenting and marketing have to be a part of your routine and this routine has to be regularly executed. If you fail to do so, you either loose grip over your writing or loose those valuable subscribers.


Increasing Strength

The whole point of exercising is to make your body fit and to get it acclimatized to rigorous workout. We focus on various muscle groups like legs, shoulders, back, arms etc. As the time passes, your body gets fitter and gets used to the routine. And, due to the increased strength, the body takes less time to do the exercise than it did months or weeks ago.

While Blogging, you have to tone your mind muscles. The mind holds the key to everything, The Ideas, the writing ability, the speed of thought process, all of them are controlled by the brain. Toning the brain muscles regularly will help in strengthening of the mind.

Practicing writing articles on a regular basis will help in the process of thought and will help in increasing the speed of thought. I used to take  a day to pen 300 words for an article. I have to be honest that the articles back then used to be really bad. But, I didn’t lose heart. Instead, i started exercising the brain by using techniques like mind mapping and by writing a lot. Over time, my speed as well as the quality of writing has improved considerably.

So, the mantra is to Exercise!



Nothing goes without a good diet. Body requires food to build muscles. It requires energy in the form of carbohydrates and proteins. A good exercising regime has to be accompanied with a really good diet. My fitness freak friend told me that if i want to get those nice bulging muscles, i have to work on my diet too. I have to take the necessary protein from natural sources like eggs, milk etc. Without that, no matter how hard i try to gym, i will never end up with those big muscles.

Similarly, blogging requires a diet, some food for thought. There are many sources which can provide nutrition to the mind. Things like reading books, novels and good blogs helps keep one abreast to the latest knowledge as well as one is aware of the various writing techniques. This comes in handy, when you are writing different kind of articles. You can then apply the acquired knowledge in your own articles.


Constant Ramp

There is no room for stagnation. One has to constantly ramp up! As I mentioned before, the body gets acclimatized to the exercise routine. Therefore, it uses less energy to do the same job. Now, if you use less energy, then your goal of improving fitness will not be fulfilled. Therefore, to balance out the increased strength, the exercise difficulty has to be increased. Also, variety in the form of new exercises have to be added to the exercise regime.

Blogging has the same problem. Writing the same type of articles in the same old monotonous tone can wear you out. You will never improve your writing by following that path. The writing which might have excited or blown somebody’s mind at the first, will start becoming drab to the old readers.

One has to add flavor to one’s writing by experimenting with different ideas and try to improve one’s writing skills by ramping up.


So, had you ever thought that blogging and gymming could have so much in common. I am sure, after this post, you will think about blogging when you are entering the gym and lifting the dumbbell.

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