Roller Blinds and Child Safety – Friend Or Foe?

The ever increasing attention given to child safety and the variety of ways you can make your house safer for children is based on a concerning increase in the number of reports of toddlers being seriously injured around the house when left unsupervised. Due to their curious nature and to the fact that they are unaware of the concept of danger, toddlers often get into potentially life threatening situations around the house.

Child safety has become a major concern for blinds manufacturers as well as it has been shown that a large number of accidents around the house are caused by integral blinds roller blinds. The danger in the case of roller blinds stands in the fact that in the past, they were not built with integrated safety devices, have long cords which form loops and are in easy access of children, particularly under the age of three. Unfortunate accidents which have resulted in serious injuries and even deaths caused by strangulation with roller blind cords stand proof solid that something had to be done in order to put an end to this phenomenon.

Windows and window treatments represent a threat for children due to the fact that when unsupervised, toddlers can easily crawl out of their playpens and either fall out of open windows or get entangled in the long cords of window treatments seriously hurting themselves in the process.

Aware of the major threats roller blinds represent for the safety of children, the blinds industry took a stand and came up with viable solutions to this problem. Without depriving customers of options, blinds manufacturers have devised effective child safety mechanisms which can be set up onto existing roller blinds or which can be integrated into new ones.

The variety of child safety kits available on the market have been designed to either reduce the length of the control cords to make them hard to reach for children or to release the cord loop altogether in cases of extreme pressure. This way, existing roller blinds can be made safer for children as these devices will considerably reduce the length of the cords, and thus make them hard to reach.

Newer models available for purchase nowadays have been manufactured after the current child safety regulations as the blinds industry has acknowledged the importance of the implementation of such devices. In an effort to come up with viable solutions to a pressing matter, child safety, they give us roller blinds with fully integrated safety devices whether we are talking about endless cords, cord stoppers or any other type of cord release device.

The way these mechanisms work is basically that they make cords inaccessible for children by either reducing the length of the cord or by releasing the cord altogether when intense pressure is applied. This way, if the child has managed to get entangled in the cord loop, the cord is released and accidental injury or strangulation is effectively avoided.

As there are solutions to make roller blinds safer for children either by installing a safety kit or simply by replacing your old window treatments with newer ones that have integrated safety mechanisms, all you need to do is find the solution that fits your needs.

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