Unified Management Framework Delivers a New Citrix Workspace IoT User Experience

Citrix Ready workspace hub includes a full stack of Citrix technology and is manageable by Citrix XenMobile UEM

IoT means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For Citrix, delivering IoT solutions is about providing our customers with security, experience, and choice as they determining the best ways to deliver workspace solutions that maximize user productivity. As a result, Citrix is blazing the trail of a Workspace IoT effort that makes it possible for people to carry their workspaces on their smartphones, and deliver that workspace to screens wherever they need to get their jobs done. They stay productive and IT is able to manage a entire workspaces from the unified Citrix Cloud console.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub is a Citrix Workspace IoT edge device that is built on the small form-factor, low-cost Raspberry Pi platform. The Citrix Ready workspace hub comes pre-loaded with Citrix Workspace software essentials, including Citrix Receiver, Citrix-optimized Skype for Business, and Citrix Casting.

Citrix Casting enables seamless and secure session roaming from a mobile device to any display connected to the workspace hub. The low cost of workspace hub allows users to replace more than $2,000 worth of workspace equipment, including more expensive thin clients, VoIP phones, companion devices, and “tap and go” smart card integrations systems.

Citrix Workspace IoT built on a secure foundation

The Citrix Ready workspace hub delivers the same, great balance of end-user experience and security policies you expect from Citrix. The workspace hub device, itself, includes management integration with the Citrix XenMobile UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) console from Citrix Cloud. Since XenMobile is now completely cloud-based, this means no deployment is necessary to start managing these devices. In addition to device management policies, we’re currently reviewing the ability to push software updates as we work closely with partners in the Citrix Ready workspace hub Program.

New levels of user experience with an “industry first” feature set

Citrix Ready workspace hub technology creates a unique user experience for busy workplace environments. As users roam from one end-point device to another, their sessions roam with them. To further increase productivity, dual monitor inputs provide multitasking support for the endpoint workstation.

Finally—an industry first—Citrix Casting revolutionizes the way users access their published applications and desktops by allowing them to securely and seamlessly move sessions across multiple locations. For example, a healthcare professional can enter a patient’s room while viewing a medical record on a tablet. If the room is equipped with a Citrix Ready workspace hub, they can walk up to a monitor in the room and transfer the app session from the tablet to the monitor with just a swipe. Citrix Casting is as easy as “tap and go” smart cards, without any specialized hardware.

The broad definition of IoT requires an offer of choice 

One of the guiding principles at Citrix is to provide our customers with choice; Citrix Workspace IoT is no exception. XenMobile UEM provides device management for all types, including IoT devices, such as Citrix Ready workspace hub, Alexa for Business, and Google Home. Citrix Workspace IoT remains open for integration with other IoT platforms and frameworks, including Windows IoT, Google IoT, and others.

The Citrix Ready workspace hub features will be available as a technical preview on March 31, 2018. In 2018, Citrix will continue to define and deliver Workspace IoT with innovative endpoint technologies focused on security, experience and choice.

Take advantage of the technical preview by downloading the Citrix Ready workspace hub through our Citrix Ready partners, NComputing and ViewSonic. You can also work with your local trusted reseller or Citrix representative. And, if you are attending Mobile World Congress, you can see the Citrix Ready workspace hub in action with our partners at the Citrix booth.

For more information on Citrix IoT, the Citrix Ready workspace hub Program, and XenMobile UEM, please visit us at Citrix.com or Citrix Ready workspace hub.

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